Covid Precautions

  • Entry will be restricted to members who are feeling unwell or showing any signs of illness.

  • To ensure adequate distancing between members, social distancing measures are in place and members are requested to leave a safe distance at all times.

  • All members are required to wear masks inside our facilities upon entering and leaving the club.

  • Members must bring their own sweat towel and an exercise mat.

  • Anyone with any existing Chronic diseases/respiratory illness is not permitted to enter the club.

  • Cardio equipment will be re-arranged with every other piece available for use, to allow a safe 3 metre distance between members on the equipment

  • PT sessions will continue, however these will be conducted with the appropriate social distancing measures in place and no physical contact.

  • All customers must wear mask at all times when engaged in light/moderate activity. However, your mask can be lowered/removed during strenuous physical exercise