Mind & Body Coaching

Claudia Sidoli


Claudia Sidoli

What does the mind have to do with your body and performance?


In short, everything.


You can be the most talented, skilled or naturally gifted person but that becomes less important if you do not have the skillset to perform on demand under any circumstance you are faced with.  


The difference between individuals that are successful within their sport are those that are able to perform at a high level consistently. This is a skill that comes from developing a mindset to be able to tackle any setbacks, ‘bad’ days and how to respond to high level pressure and competition. At PSJ we call this The Champions Mindset. 


Most of the time your own self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs are what blocks you from showcasing your talent. It is incredibly common for someone to not realise what is keeping them stuck. Unfortunately, this can be the reason why many individuals and athletes give-up on their goals and dreams.


The first stage to adopting this mindset is having awareness of what is blocking you.

- Do you feel you have hit a plateau in your game?

- Are you lacking motivation to take the action you want?

- Do you fear failure?

- Do your nerves get the better of you?

- Are you intimidated by your competitors?

- Do you beat yourself up when you don’t perform to the best of your ability?

- Does your game suffer when you feel under pressure?


If any of the above questions resonate with you then mindset coaching may be the answer for you to up-level your game and overcome the obstacles you face. 


At PSJ we teach you the tools and concepts to adopt this mindset so that you understand how to control the mental and emotional elements to generate confidence, motivation and discipline; all of which contributes to an individual’s ability to perform consistently in any situation.  


As part of PSJs holistic approach we offer mindset coaching within our programs and as a tailored 1-1 service for individuals.  Our vision for this is not only to up level you in your game but to adopt a mindset that transfers to all areas of your life.