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Boxing is a sport that everybody can participate in, which means you don’t have to step into the ring to enjoy benefits the sport can offer.


Our Holistic approach to training ensures that all aspects of a healthy lifestyle are incorporated within our training programmes.

Jumping Rope

cardiovascular health

Boxing is great for cardiovascular health and guarantees your heart will have a great workout!


Whether you are on the bags, shadow boxing, skipping or circuit training we ensure that you will improve your cardiovascular health, control blood pressure issues, attain a lower resting heart rate and reduce the risk of any heart disease.


How we perceive ourselves and how we look physically greatly improves your self-esteem and confidence.

strong bones
& joints

Creating stronger and denser bones and healthier joints is fantastic for your overall health, especially as you get older.


Bone building exercises are very important because as you age your bones tend to weaken, thus increasing the chance of broken bones and even degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis.

Core Exercise


Improved cardiovascular performance, a stronger and more balanced body means you will have greatly improved endurance levels.

body toning

& muscle development

Our Boxing movement based programmes will tone your body and get your muscles big and strong. Boxing not only helps you become stronger but also faster and more explosive.


All the skills learned will improve your body tone and core strength.


Training your hand-eye coordination works in the same way as training your cardiovascular endurance or your muscle strength, in the sense that the more you challenge it, the better it will get.


Boxing is a multi movement sport which requires efficient feet and upper body movement. Our training will ensure that your Neuro physical communication is greatly improved.

Yoga Practice


Intense physical exercise involved in boxing will increase your metabolism and in turn burn more fat and calories than most. An hour of  intense boxing related training can burn anywhere between 400-700 calories.

reduces stress and anxiety

Boxing definitely has the ability to relieve stress and reduce our anxiety levels. Basic training such as using punch bags simply makes you feel good!


Due to the physical intensity it involves the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression will be greatly reduced. The chemicals produced while training creates a sense of relaxation and happiness.

core stability

Boxing significantly improves your balance and core stability. Our training will engage your core and back muscles making them stronger. This improves posture and back related issues. Developing your core will also improve your balance.




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In the Boxing Ring

PSJ Benefits & Training


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Join Paul "Silky'' Jones for the ultimate workout! Experience the training he personally endured on his rise to becoming a World Champion.


Sessions will include:

- Warm up

- Shadow Boxing

- Body Sparring Conditioning

- Heavy Bag Work

- Padmit Work

- Skipping

- Core / Floor Work

- Cool Down & Stretch

Group Class - Duration: 1 Hour


Single Session - AED 70

8 x Sessions - AED 495


Individual - Duration: 1 Hour (2 ppl max)


Paul ‘Silky’ Jones

Single Session - AED 370            

6 x Sessions - AED 1,875

Terry Dignam

Single Session - AED 270

6 x Sessions - AED 1,375

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Learn to skip with "Silky" and develop key skills from the Best! 


Our 30 minute Skipping sessions will give your body a full workout which will improve:

- Hand Eye Coordination

- Core Strength

- Cardiovascular health

- Reduce Anxiety

- Stronger legs


If you cannot skip, do not worry! In no time at all we will have you skipping like a World Champion.

Group Class - Duration 30 Minutes


Single Session - AED 40

8 x Sessions - AED 275


Individual - Duration 30 Minutes

Single Session - AED 150

8 x Sessions - AED 1,025

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Strength and Conditioning

Our Circuit training class involves a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills with a focus on: 

- Mind

- Mobility

- Stability

- Strength

- Endurance

- Power

- Speed

- Agility

- Performance

Group Class - Duration 1 Hour


Single Session - AED 70

8 x Sessions - AED 495

Individual - Duration 1 Hour (2ppl max)

Single Session - AED 270

6 x Sessions - AED 1,375

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Our BoxCardio2 classes have been designed to improve:

- Cardiovascular Health


- Reduced Fatigue

- Reduce Body Fat

- Increased Speed and Explosivity

- Increase Core Strength

Group Class - Duration 45 Mins


Single Session - AED 55

8 x Sessions - AED 385

Boxing Gloves

PSJ Grass Roots


At PSJ Performance we understand the importance of a consistent daily movement programme for children. It has been proven that children who develop with a measured fitness and movement pathway through their developing years, will benefit from it immensely in later life.

Our programmes are fun and exciting and children will learn many new skills combining lower and upper body movements, building core strength and exceptional movement abilities enhancing coordination and cardiovascular levels.

PSJ camps

Our camps and weekly classes will be organised in age ranges so that children will be working on movement patterns that are required for their stage of development.


During school breaks PSJ will be running weekly camps which will involve interaction with other sports such as Tennis, Squash and Swimming. All of these sports require excellent ranges of movement and will benefit all children immensely.


PSJ will also be performing classes after school and on the weekends.


PSJ are available to operate at Schools.


For more information on our schools program please contact us via the contact form below.

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